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KLT Authority Podcast With Shannon Herod

Weekly episodes dedicated to helping you grow your business online and build a brand people Know, Like, and Trust.

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In today's episode, we discuss the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make while building their authority and brand. We also break down the new direction of the podcast. This podcast will follow our journey as we build another income stream in our business. We are going to lay out all of our wins and all of our…
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In today's episode, we lay out what KLT Authority is and how you use it to grow your business. In reality, it is nothing new and relies on an age-old adage that we all know. KLT stands to Know, Like, and Trust. I am sure you have heard it before. People do business with people…
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About This Episode Getting real results with your online marketing takes time and consistency. Without consistency, you will continue to spin your wheels with lackluster results. You will begin to believe that marketing your business online does not work. You are right. It does not work the way you have been doing it. However, done…
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