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By: Shannon Herod

The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make While Building Their Authority

About This Episode

In today’s episode, we discuss the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make while building their authority and brand.

We also break down the new direction of the podcast. This podcast will follow our journey as we build another income stream in our business.

We are going to lay out all of our wins and all of our losses. We’re going to teach you the things we’re using to grow the business, and we are going to share what is working and what is not working.

Who Is Shannon and Why Listen?

My name is Shannon Herod, and I have been building businesses and marketing online for 20 years. My first businesses online revolved around information products and ebooks. I created online courses and ebooks before they were even called ebooks.

I have specialized and search engine optimization since the beginning. I have specialized in local SEO for over 10 years. I have studied what works online and have mastered the skills that are necessary to succeed online over those 20 years.

I started using professional photography because I knew images would sell. I started using video because I knew video was important for creating authority online. I was uploading videos to the Internet before YouTube even existed. My first YouTube video was posted in 2007.

I’ve had the pleasure and the pain of experiencing every single major Google algorithm update. I’ve learned search engine optimization by leveraging my own money and time.

The lessons I’ve learned, the money I’ve wasted, and the failures I had all rested on my shoulders. There’s something to be said about experience. Especially when that experience was built on your own dime. When it comes to marketing online, things are ever-evolving. However, having a 20-year foundation allows us to move forward in an educated way knowing which pitfalls to avoid as algorithms change and new platforms arise.

I Have Built Multiple Businesses – Online and Offline

Over the years, I have built multiple successful businesses that are still in operation today. Our marketing agency is our largest business and has helped local service-based businesses, particularly doctors, leverage the internet to grow their revenue.

My love for photography led me to build a Rea; Estate Photography business that has now photographed over 3,500 homes and is considered one of the best Luxury Photography companies in central Florida.

Our newest venture will be documented in this podcast. It is a custom sticker and decal business that will help businesses, brands, and influencers market their company in a fun and visually appealing way.

Pursuing Curiosity

I have always pursued my curiosity. It has equipped me with a special skill set that allows me to take an idea and turn it into something that makes money. I want to share that skill with you.

Helping turn your dreams of making money for yourself into reality. We live in a time that is so amazing. Building a business is within reach for everyone. We may not all make a million dollars, but I believe anyone with a strong work ethic and a true desire can replace their income and work on the things that truly fulfill them.

I look forward to making this journey with you.